Phy-307: Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Materials

Credit Hours: 3:00 (Level-3, Term-1, NCE)

Structure of matter and energy bands: Crystal structures, Atomic packing factor, Crystal planes and directions, Miller indices, Bragg’s law, Defects in solids, Density of states, Free electron theory, Kronig-Penney model, Band structures, Bandgaps, Effective mass. Superconducting materials: Meissner effect, Critical current, Critical magnetic field, Thermodynamics of superconducting transition, Type I and II superconductors, London equations, Penetration depth, Cooper pair, BCS theory, Application of superconducting materials. Magnetic materials: Diamagnetism, paramagnetism, ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetism, and ferrimagnetism; Soft and hard magnetic materials, Magnetic domain and magnetization process, Magnetic anisotropy, Magnetostriction, Magnetoresistance, Application of magnetic materials.