Phy 6207 Radar Meteorology Credit - 3

Electromagnetic waves and its propagation and interaction, Radar technologies (radar hardware: transmitter, modulator, waveguide, antenna, receiver), Different types of radar, Radar displays, Radar equation for point and distributed targets (radar target: spherical target, birds, aircraft, buildings, water towers and radio towers), Plan position indicator (PPI), Range height indicator (RHI); Radar reflectivity, Radar reflectivity factor (Z), Z-R relationship, Attenuation, Inversions, Ground cluttering, Meteorological target and its measurement (cloud, rain, snow, bright band and hail), Observations of winds, Doppler velocity measurement, Observations of fair weather, Advanced uses of meteorological radar (rainfall measurement, dual-wavelength radar, polarization diversity, dual-Doppler processing), Next generation radar (NEXRAD).