Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Department of Physics

COURSE NO: Phy102 (PHYSICS SESSIONAL) for the Department of BME (LEVEL-1, TERM-1)


1-W2      Determination of the frequency of a tuning fork by Melde’s apparatus.

2-W3    Determination of the spring constant and the effective mass of a  loaded spring and hence calculate the rigidity modulus of  material of the spring.

3-H1       Determination of the specific heat of a liquid by the method of            cooling.

4-H2     Determination of the pressure-coefficient of air by a constant volume air thermometer.

5-O1     Determination of the focal length of (i) a convex lens by the displacement method, and (ii) a concave lens by the auxiliary lens method.

6-O2     Determination of the refractive indices of (i) a liquid by plane mirror and pin method, and (ii) the material of the convex lens by Boy’s method.

7-O5     Determination of the specific rotation of sugar solution by a polarimeter.

8-W4    Determination of the acceleration due to gravity ‘g’ by means of a compound pendulum.

9-O3     Determination of the refractive index of the material of a prism with the help of a spectrometer.

10-O4    Determination of the radius of curvature of a Plano-convex lens by the Newton’s ring method.

11-H3    Determination of thermal conductivity of a good conductor by Searle’s apparatus.

12-H4    Determination of the thermal conductivity of a bad conductor by  Lee’s method.

13-O6    Study of the intensity distribution of Fraunhofer diffraction pattern due to a double slit.