Phy 109: Heat & Thermodynamics, Electricity & Magnetism, Waves & Oscillations and Mechanics

Credit Hours: 4:00 (Level-1, Term-1, CSE )

Heat & Thermodynamics: Principle of temperature measurements: Platinum resistance thermometer, Thermo-electric thermometer, Pyrometer; Kinetic theory of gases: Maxwell's distribution of molecular speeds, Mean free path, Equipartition of energy, Brownian motion, Van der Waal's equation of state, Review of the First Law of Thermodynamics and its application, Reversible and irreversible processes, Second Law of thermodynamics, Carnot cycle; Efficiency of heat engines, Carnots theorem, Entropy and disorder, Thermodynamic functions, Maxwell relations, Clausius-Clapeyron equation, Gibbs phase rule, Third Law of Thermodynamics.

Electricity & Magnetism: Coulomb's Law, Electric field (E), Gauss's Law and its application, Electric potential (V), Capacitors and capacitance, Capacitors with dielectrics, Dielectrics an atomic view, Charging and discharging of a capacitor, Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Law; Magnetic field: Magnetic induction, Magnetic force on a current carrying conductor, Torque on a current carrying loop, Hall effect, Faradays Law of electromagnetic induction, Lenz's Law, Self induction, Mutual induction; Magnetic properties of matter; Hysteresis curve; Electromagnetic oscillation: L-C oscillations and its analogy to simple harmonic motion.

Waves & Oscillations: Differential equation of a simple harmonic oscillator, Total energy and average energy, Combination of simple harmonic oscillations, Lissajous figures, Spring- mass system, Calculation of time period of torsional pendulum, Damped oscillation, Determination of damping co-efficient. Forced oscillation, Resonance, Two-body oscillations, Reduced mass, Differential equation of a progressive wave, Power and intensity of wave motion, Stationary wave, Group velocity and phase velocity, Architectural acoustics, Reverberation and Sabine's formula.

Mechanics: Linear momentum of a particle, Linear momentum of a system of particles, Conservation of linear momentum, Some applications of the momentum principle; Angular momentum of a particle, Angular momentum of a system of particles, Kepler's Law of planetary motion, The Law of universal gravitation, The motion of planets and satelites, Introductory quantum mechanics; Wave function, Uncertainity principle, Postulates, Schrodinger time independent equation, Expectation value, Probability, Particle in a zero potential, Calculation of energy.