Phy 115: Physics (Sound, Light and Heat)

Credit Hours : 3:00 (Level-1, Term-1, Arch)

Sound : Simple harmonic motion: Differential equation of simple harmonic oscillation, Energy of simple harmonic oscillator, Damped oscillation. Forced oscillation; Characteristics of mechanical waves, Equations of a travelling wave, Energy; Stationary waves: Beats, Physical qualities of sound, Reflection, Transmission and intensity of sound waves, Variation of sound intensity with distance, Units of sound intensity: Decibel and other units, Doppler's principle.

Light : Illumination and photometry, Luminous intensity; Their measurements and units, Phosphorescence, Fluorescence, Discharge lamps. Theories of light: Interference: Young's double slit experiment, Determination of thickness of a film, Diffraction: Diffraction due to a single slit, Polarization: Different methods of polarization, Intensity of polarized light.

Heat : Humidity; Vapour pressure, Temperature related humidity; Transmission of heat: Conduction: Conductivity, Rectilinear flow of heat, Determination of thermo-conductivity of good and bad conductors, Heat flow through compound walls; Convection: Free and forced convection, Domestic and industrial applications, Ventilation; Radiation: Different Laws of radiation, Black body radiation, Radiation from surfaces, Solar radiation.