Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Department of Physics


COURSE NO: Phy 152  (PHYSICS SESSIONAL) for the Department of BME (LEVEL-1, TERM-2)


1-E1   Determination of unknown resistances and verification of the laws of resistances by P.O. (Post Office) Box.              

2-E2    Determination of the resistance of a galvanometer by half deflection method.

3-G1   Determination of the surface tension of water by capillary tube method.

4-G2   Determination of the moment of inertia of a fly-wheel about its axis of rotation.

5-H5 To plot the thermo-electromotive force vs. temperature (Calibration) curve for a given thermocouple.

6-H6   Determination of the melting point of a solid using the calibration curve obtained in experiment H5.

7-H7   Determination of the mechanical equivalent of heat by the electrical method.

8-M1  Determination of the threshold frequency for the material of a photo cathode and hence find the value of the Planck’s constant.

9-E3   To verify Biot-Savart law and Tangent law.

10-EDetermination of the temperature coefficient of resistance of the material of a wire.

11-G3  Determination of the rigidity modulus of the material of a wire by static method.

12-G4  Determination of the Young’s modulus of the material of a wire by Searle’s apparatus.

13-M2  Determination of the linear absorption coefficient and mass absorption coefficient of Aluminum using a 137Cs radioactive source and verification of the inverse square law of gamma radiation.

14-GDetermination of the moment of inertia of a point mass and verification of the conservation of  angular momentum.

15-MVerification of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle using single slit diffraction pattern.

16-EDetermination of dielectric constant of materials using a parallel plate capacitor.