Phy 6004  Polymer Physics  Credit 3 Hrs.

Introduction to macromolecular physics: The chemical structure of polymers, Internal rotations, Configurations, and Conformations, Flexibility of macromolecules, Morphology of polymers; Modern Concept of polymer structure: Physical methods of investigating polymer structure such as XRD, UV-VIS, IR, SEM, DTA/TGA, DSC, etc., the structure of crystalline polymers; The physical states of polymers: The rubbery state, Elasticity, etc.; The glassy state, Glass transition temperature, etc., Viscosity of polymers; Advanced polymeric materials: Plasma polymerization, Properties and application of plasma-polymerized organic thin films; Polymer blends and composites: Compounding and mixing of polymer, Their properties of application; Electrical properties of polymers: Basic theory of the dielectric properties of polymers, Dielectric properties of the structure of crystalline and amorphous polymers.