Phy 6014 Solid State Plasma Credit -3 Hrs.

Basic principle: Introduction, Debye shielding, plasma parameters, collisions, Vlasov equation, fluid equations MHD theory, Plasma in Semiconductor: Dispersion equation, drift current of charged particles, Boltzmann Kinetic equation, effective mass and band structure, Scattering mechanisms & relaxation time. Electron plasmas in metals: Fermi distribution and Hatree-Fock exchange energy, dielectric response function, random phase approximation, local field corrections & ground state energy, Electromagnetic wave in magnetized plasma: Helicon and Alfve n-wave experiments in solid state plasma, propagation of electromagnetic waves, uncompensated plasmas, compensated two component plasma; Non linear effects: Trapped particles, amplitude oscillations, ion-acoustic wave solitions, ponderomotive force.