Phy 6015 Neutron Scattering Credit - 3

Neutron sources, continuous and pulsed sources, monochromatization, collimation and moderation of neutrons, neutron detectors, scattering of neutrons and its advantages, elastic scattering of neutrons, magnetic scattering and determination of magnetic structure, inelastic scattering, thermal vibration of crystal lattices, lattice dynamics and phonons.

Neutron polarization, polarized neutron applications, scattering by liquids and molecules, Van-Hovev correlation formalism, some experimental results of scattering by liquids and molecules, small angle neutron scattering and its application in the study of biological molecules and defects.

Experimental techniques of scattering measurements, Tim-of-Flight method, crystal diffraction techniques, neutron diffractometer and triple-axis spectrometer, constant 'Q' method.