Phy 6016 Crystal Growth Credit :3 Hrs.

Introduction to crystal growth, significance of single crystal; Crystal growth techniques: low temperature solution growth, high temperature solution growth, melt growth; Vapour growth: metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD), moleculer beam epitaxy (MBE), tc. The Bridgman and related techniques; Solubility study: meta stable zone width, seed preparation; Crystal theory of nucleation: Gibbs-Thomson equation for vapour; modified Thomson's equation for melt, Gibbs-Thomson equation for solution, Kinetics of crystal growth: singular and rough faces, Models on surface roughness: The Kossel-Stranski-Volmer (KSV) theory, The Burton-Cabera-Frank (BCF) theory, Periodic bond chain theory; Growth of some technologically important semiconducting, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, ultraviolet and infrared sensitive crystals.