Phy 6025 Crystal Growth Processes Credit - 3

Crystal growth techniques: Growth from solution, melt and vapour phases; Metal organic chemical vapour deposition; Molecular beam epitaxy and related techniques; Solubility diagram; Seed preparation.

Theories of growth phenomena: Gibbs free energy diagram; Classical theory of nucleation; Defects and dislocation; Equilibrium/non-equilibrium distribution of impurities; Surface roughness; Diffusion and adsorption layer theory; The Kossel-Stranski-Volmer theory; The Burton-Cabera-Frank theory; Periodic bond chain theory.

Potential applications: Ferroelectric, piezoelectric, ultraviolet and infrared crystals; Organic, inorganic, semi-organic, acoustics and photonic crystals; Nonlinear optical crystals and their applications; Liquid crystals.