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Growth, Structural, Thermal and Optical properties of Mg2+ -Co2+ doped Potassium acid Phthalate Crystals

M. Hossain, S. A. Begum and J. Podder


An Investigation on the Growth and Characterization of Thiourea Single Crystal Grown from Aqueous Solutions

S. A. Begum, M. Hossain and J. Podder


Concentration profile surfaces and contour studies of GaP by liquid phase epitaxy

Shahan Ara Begum and M. Hossain


Theoratical Model Study of Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth Kinetics of InGaP Semiconductor

A. H. M. Zakir Uddin and Mostak Hossain


Growth and characterization of L-arginine phosphate family crystals

A.S. Haja Hameed, G.Ravi,  M. Hossain and P.Ramasamy


Concentration Profile Surfaces and Contour Studies of GaSb by LPE using, SimulationTechnique

M. Hossain, R. Dhanasekaran and P. Ramasamy


Magnetic properties of Ni1-xFe2O4 Materials

M. Hossain, M. Huq, M.A. Hakim and M.A. Mazid


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