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****Supervisors have been assigned to the postgraduate students (M.Sc. & M.Phil.) of the April 2021 semester. ***Postgraduate Exam Schedule of April 2021 Semester and General Instructions are Published. ** Full-time M.Sc. and Ph.D. students at this university are invited to apply for M.Sc./Ph.D. Fellowship through BIIS. The application deadline for this fellowship is 30/11/2021. Please see the notice section for details.**                

Welcome to the Department of Physics

The Department of Physics of Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) has started functioning as a full fledged department since the inception of the University in 1962. The department has been offering Physics courses to the undergraduate Engineering & Architecture students. Adequate laboratory facilities are available to supplement the theoretical knowledge and to provide experimental basis. The department has introduced Postgraduate program (M. Phil & Ph. D) in the year 1982 and M. Sc. in the year 2014. The research is conducted in the fields of Magnetism, Solid State Physics, Crystal Growth, Polymer Physics, Health Physics, Medical Physics & Radiation Protection, and Atmospheric Physics. The Department has 25 faculty members and 11 technical personnel. So far more than 26 Ph. D., 226 M. Phil. and 15 M.Sc. students have received their degrees from this Department. At present about 25 M.Sc., 25 M. Phil. and 9 Ph. D. students are working. The Departmental offices and laboratories are housed in the Old Academic Building (OAB).

Head of the Department

Dr. Md. Rafi Uddin
Message from the Head
Welcome to the Department of Physics, BUET. The department has started functioning from 1962 and has introduced M.Phil & Ph.D programs in the year 1982 in different fields of Physics. The department has introduced M.Sc. in Physics program in 2014 to produce postgraduate in Physics to fulfill the demand of the country. Interested potential students are advised to take admission in these programs.
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Open Seminar Noitce...
Posted on 12-08-2020

Research Activities

Research in the Department is broadly catagorized into three groups 1) SOLID STATE PHYSICS 2) ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS 3) HEALTH AND MEDICAL PHYSICS   SOLID STATE PHYSICS The research in this branch is carried out in the following fields: Magnetism, Superconductivity & Colossal Magnetoresistance The current research activity in this field focuses on the magnetic and electrical properties of nanostructured magnetic materials. A group of teachers are investigating the magnetic properties like magnetization, magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of hard and soft magnetic materials in the form of bulk, thin films and ribbons and also nanostructured magnetic materials. This group also investigates cuprate high Tc superconductors, and colossal magnetoresistance in manganite perovskites. The CMR studies are performed on polycrystalline bulk and thick film samples. . This group has a research collaboration with the IPPS, Uppsala University, Sweden and the Depa

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Posted on: 17-10-2018

Our Research Group

Solid State Physics
The research in this branch is carried out in the following fields: 1. Magnetism, Ferroelectrics, Superconductors, Semiconductors and Multiferroics
Biophysics, Medical Physics and Health Physics
Prof. Dr. Afia Begum and Dr. Mohammad Abu Sayem Karal are working in this research field. This group is working on the synthesis of lipid vesicle
Atmospheric Physics
Prof. Dr. Md. Rafi Uddin, Prof. Dr. Nasreen Akter and Mr. A. T. M. Shafiul Azam are working in this research field. The atmospheric physics group is d