Facilities we have
Posted on: 2018-10-18 15:56:39

Laboratory Facilities

Electrical Transport Measurement

This department has a DC transport rig. The resistance of a material can be measured using four probe technique with respect to temperature (300-77K) both in zero field and in presence of 0.6 T magnetic field. A home made liquid nitrogen cryostat is used for Colossal Magnetoresistance (CMR) and superconductivity studies. Also high resistivity (e.g. polymer, ceramic etc.) measurement facilities are available. Besides these, two Impedance Analysers model Agilent 4192 A (5 Hz to 13 MHz) and Agilent 4192 B (1 MHz to 1 GHz) are available for AC electrical and magnetic measurements.


Experimental Setup

Ferroelectric measurements

In Nanotechnology Research Laboratory there is a computer interfaced ferrolectric loop tracer system. The polarization vs electric field hysteresis loops at different temperatures can be measured directly using this loop tracer. Beside this the leackage current density also can be measured as a function of aplied electric field.


UV visible spectrometer

In Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, recently an UV-2600 plus was installed which is a universal, research-grade spectrophotometer that can be used in a wide range of fields, and easily expanded to suit the measurement objective.By using the optional integrating sphere, the measurement wavelength range of the UV-2600 can be extended to the near-infrared region of 1400 nm.


High power Xenon Lamp for Photocatalytic experiment

In Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, to conduct Photocatalytic experiments on a wide range of synthesized materials both at bulk and nanoscale, a 500 W Xenon lamp was installed and incorporated with required measurement facilities.


Gas Chromatograph

In Nanotechnology Research Laboratory, a gas chromatograph(Shimadzu, Japan) was installed to measure the various components of gas particulalrly the amount of Hydrogen produced by water splitting.


High temperature inert gas atmosphere furnace

A high temperature furnace controlled with modified atmosphere (Carbolite, UK) is available in Nanotechnology Research Laboratory,. This controlled atmosphere furnace with inert gases is a rare facility in BUET.


Close Cycle Cryocooler

Two Close cycle cryocoolers are being added to the SSP group with the financial support of the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. These apparatus will be used for low temperature (300 K-10K) transport and magnetic measurements. One cryocooler will be attached to a Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) and the other will be used in the transport measurements.

Torque Magnetometer

This magnetometer is used for the measurement of magnetic anisotropy (High temperature) and have the sensitivity of 10-9 N-m2.

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM)

A sensitive (10-5 emu/g) vibrating sample magnetometer is in the process of being built up.

Experimental Setup

Plasma polymerization

A plasma polymerization system has been fabricated locally. It works at line frequency and at a chamber pressure of about 10-1 Pa. It is used to deposite thin organic films on to different substrates for various characterization.

Experimental Setup

Thin Film Deposition

Thin films are deposited by Vacuum evaporation technique using an Edward coating unit (Model 306) and a Hind High Vac evaporation unit.

High Temperature Furnace

This department has couple of tube and muffle furnaces. The maximum temperature that can be achieved in these furnaces are 1400° C. These furnaces are used for calcining and sintering magnetoresistive, superconducting and other samples.

Hydraulic pressing machine

A pressing machine with a mould is available in this department. This apparatus is used for the making of pellets of CMR, High Tc, polymer blend and composite samples.

Optical Polarizing Microscope

This department has two polarizing microscopes.

Crystal Growth

Crystal growth by solution growth technique is available.

Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Unit

Thin films are also deposited by Spray Pyrolysis deposition technique. The deposition chamber has been fabricated locally using simple and cheap experimental set up.

Modeling and Simulation facilities

Weather Research and Forecasting model (WRF) and Regional Climate Model (RegCM) are set up in the Atmospheric lab which are operates to simulate weather and climate phenomena like Tornado, Nor'wester, Cyclone, Mesoscale convection and Monsoon rain. WRF is mesoscale model which allows researchers to generate atmospheric simulations based on real data (observations, analyses) or idealized conditions. RegCM is a regional climate model, mostly applied in regional climate change and seasonal prediction around the world.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) & X-ray Diffractometer

SEM and X-ray facilities are available for structural studies in the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. Researchers of this department use them for their research purpose.