Nominating Student Representatives for the BUET Physics Bulletin

Dear Students,

You will be very glad to know that the Department of Physics, BUET is going to publish an e-magazine titled as ‘BUET Physics Bulletin’ in January 2022 aiming at fostering and circulating news and views about State-of-Art of Physics as well as original research findings in the fields of fundamental, applied, and interdisciplinary Physics.

For the ‘BUET Physics Bulletin’ two student representatives (one male and  one female) will be choosen from a list of four (two male and two female) students. Please choose two male and two female candidates for the Student Representative posts, who are interseted and capable of helping in different respects of publishing the e-magazine, from the current/regular PG students and submit the list to "buetphysicsbulletin@gmail.com" within May 2021.